Motorcycle Anti-Theft Security Lock
Motorcycle Anti-Theft Security Lock

Motorcycle Anti-Theft Security Lock

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Don't let your bike be a different statistic, secure your bike with an Alarm Disc Lock!

Its obvious criminals do not like publicity. That's why an Alarm Disc Lock is ideal for your bike to safety. In addition to the immobilization of your motorcycle, the 110 decibel An alarm triggers immediately when any vibration or shock is detected.


  • Wide Application: A practical solution for bikers to protect their beloved motorbikes or bikes while parking outside or at home. U lock designed to attach to the brake or clutch lever and locked disc lock when you leave your motorcycle or bikes. A loud security lock is suitable for use in various types of vehicles; such as the motorcycle, moto, electro mobile, bicycle, scooters, etc.
  • Sturdy Construction: This motorcycle disc lock has a strong and durable heavy-duty alloy. High nickel-content stainless-steel monoblock construction and piercing alarm. Waterproof, sawing resistant, shear resistant, rust-resistant, weather-resistant. This is the best bike lock.
  • Automatic Alarm: Shock and motion sensors linked to a microprocessor trigger a 110db  alarm. No on-off switch; resets automatically within 10 seconds.
  • Anti-Theft: This alarm Lock has a 6mm push down-locking, hardened-steel locking pin give it the broadest fit profile. It has a round key and keyhole, more effective to prevent violent opening. 


  • Color: Red, Black, Blue
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Alarm decibel: 110dB
  • Size: 9 x 7. x 3 cm